If only the GK Vol is used, which spare pins can I use for extra mag pickups?

Started by luca9583, January 22, 2024, 09:41:15 AM

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Hi all

I've got several GK 3 Kits assembled in my guitars. Each guitar is setup as follows:

Bridge humbucker to tip of a TRS jack, outer coil of humbucker only to ring of a TRS jack.

GK kit with only GK volume, no buttons and no synth/guitar/mix selector etc. HUmbucker doesn't go through the kit's circuit.

On my RMC Fanout Box i have a Mono output jack that i believe is connected to Pin 7 from the 13 pin signal, and also a Spare output jack that is connected to Pin 9 from the 13 pin signal.

Let's say i want to add a neck pickup and a middle pickup to the setup, can i wire these to Pins 7 and 9 respectively?


There are no spare pins, as they all are connected to something at the guitar processing side (sy1000 or whatever you have)