Best EXP pedal w switch for SY1000 wah?

Started by mchretien, January 22, 2024, 03:30:46 AM

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Hi Everybody,

Sorry for asking this here, but my google search was inconclusive.

What is a good expression pedal with integrated toe switch for SY1000, specifically to trigger a wah effect?

(I have an FC300 somewhere, but that is so BIG!)

Thanks for your input!


This one might seem a bit overkill, but the Boss EV-1-WL is perfect.
Use the 1/8" TRS to 5 pin din midi cable, or since it is a Bluetooth pedal, a Midi bluetooth adapter in the SY-1000 midi DIN ports.
This pedal can send one range of midi cc# for pedal, another for EXP pedal switch, and when the EXP switch is engaged, the EXP pedal can send on a different midi cc#.
The pedal also has a bluetooth phone app to setup the cc# numbers, and EXP Switch pressure trigger adjustment.
The EV-1-wL can send different cc# on the 3 midi outputs (TRS midi out, Bluetooth Ble midi, USB midi)
and has provision to add two external footswitches (ctl1 & ctl2) which each can send different midi cc# too.

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Not a cheap option but if you are using for Wah the Mission Engineering pedals have the classic cry baby chassis:


I just started using the mission engineering pedal.  $$$, but it feels like a crybaby.  Make sure you get the Roland version with the momentary switch.

The weird thing is that the switch engages the effect on the release of the button, as opposed to as soon as it clicks down. 


Thanks everybody for the prompt and elaborate answers.

I'll go with the EV-1, and let you know how it goes.


Be mindfull that Roland/Boss Require 10k linear pot expression pedal - they lack a calibration function


Switch operation follows the user configuration