Setting up basic proper sound. Please help !

Started by JayGuitar, January 21, 2024, 10:37:29 AM

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Bought the Gx-100 a couple weeks ago.  I'm playing with a Telecaster and an Ernie ball music man (humbuckers), through a Fender Hotrod Deluxe amp or my JC-120.  I've properly calibrated  the inputs levels for each guitar.  I've tried various output selections, including the Roland JC-120 option while playing with my JC-120 amp.

In all cases, I find the pedal sucks the tone out of my guitar, as if a pillow has been placed in front of the amp.  I've tried various patch presets and have also tried creating a preset completely empty just to hear a clean signal, and always the same result.  I tried tweaking the Global EQ and turning it off.

Any ideas ?  What am I doing wrong ?  Why does the pedal seem to choke the basic guitar sound ?

Thanks in advance.


This in Japanese,  but reflects the GX-100 with output mode set to JC-120, feeding a JC-120 Amp for the entire video

Try different GX-100 output modes to suut your taste

Skip to the poetions where he is playing guitar at 13:50 minutes - the sound matches my GX100 experience


Try adjusting the input levelks for each guitar.  See page 6 of the reference manual.

It used to be on older units that allowing for more headroom, turning this setting down, sounded better, but that can mess with your levels depending on how you are using the unit.  If you are using it for amp modelling on some patches and just effects on others, you may have trouble getting a consistent level out of it.