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Started by plexified, January 18, 2024, 04:13:30 AM

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Paul has some good info if you are into Holdsworth or chasing tone odds and ends. Some things I found interesting were the Seymour Duncan Convertable Amp data base, Yamaha UD-Stomp digital delay info, ADA gear info, Holdsworth Harness DI tube amp load and direct out signal and other unique projects.

This Site also has a youtube counterpart that extends into some products, ides and demonstrations. Currently the Holdsworth Harness falls into this category as no known Schematic exists that we know of yet and Paul is building prototypes to test soon.

Alot of people did not know, including myself, that Allen was under the hood of his amps and designing things ? Apparently, the Harness was his patent and used as early as '90 with his Mesa Boogie of all things. His tone around that time was remarkable.