Katana 210 B First Stupid Question

Started by HughJorgan, January 12, 2024, 03:09:44 PM

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Hi All,
I'm new to the forums, and have just purchased a new Katana 210 Bass amp to replace my Peavey Database amp that I bought about 35 years ago. I'm having a blast with the new purchase so far. The range of sounds is crazy! I would like to  generate a Geddy Lee tone for use on a few songs. If anyone has suggestions for some quick settings to try, that would be awesome. If I need to download a patch or something like that, I'm eager to learn, but a total newbie. I'm playing a Gibson RD Artist for my Rush stuff. Also have a Washburn acoustic bass, but I haven't even plugged that into the new amp yet. Any help is much appreciated!

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group HughJorgan!  :)


The Bass version is still fairly new, and I don't think there are a lot of Bass Katana users around yet.
so you might have to be the first to post some patches.
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