How to use CC and PC, rather than SYSEX?

Started by d1stewart, January 12, 2024, 04:34:31 AM

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I am able to reach all or most things on the GT-1 on my Mac using MIDI sysex messages. I did find I had to "unlock" the GT-1 to use sysex by putting it—-I think?—-in "Editor mode" using the sysex message F0 41 00 00 00 00 30 12 7F 00 00 01 01 7F F7 .  Without first sending that sysex msg, I could not change patches but could turn FX on/off.

But I can't get GT-1 to respond to CC and PC messages. Those are completely documented, and would make it easier to manipulate the GT-1. For sysex, I'd have to figure out all the parameter messages for each value.

So how do I get the GT-1 to respond to CC and PC? It just does nothing when I send them, the same way I send sysex. Is there a CC or PC or even a different sysex that it must receive first to enable it to respond to CC and PC?


The GT-1 and GT-1B are not designed to send nor receive PC## or cc#, as they also lack a midi port.
If the GT-1 was designed to work with cc# then there would be control Source options for midi in the Assigns,
 like there is in the bigger GT models.
There are also no options for setting cc# to the foot switches or EXP pedal either.
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I take it then that Primovasound is, in its MIDX product, converting incoming CC and PC messages to sysex messages which are passed to the GT-1?