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Started by Elantric, January 09, 2024, 09:37:21 PM

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"Jimmy sat there for the whole two hours then waited until after the show before he asked me,'How did you find out how to make my sound?'"

Meet Mr. Jimmy, the Japanese kimono salesman who has dedicated his life to becoming Jimmy Page. . .

This article^^ was remarkable, as I recently came across this doing some intense research on the gear and recordings.

The story is warming considering how the Japanese honor and celebrate with all their being and this one floored me. Mr. Jimmy went into great detail describing his approach to playing certain songs and how to honor them properly. With Stairway to Heaven he describes how the solo was improvised and that he cannot bring himself to play it note for note because that would defeat the spirit and energy of the original, he has to find it along the way. Quite a journey. I would not be suprised one day if some very talented film maker could wrap this up in great detail and do the whole story justice from Jimmy to Jimmy.