GK-5 installation

Started by guitarmanjon, January 09, 2024, 12:32:10 PM

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So I bit the bullet and went for a GM-800 and GK-5. Very excited to get it up and running.

Are there any useful videos or instructions anywhere on installing the GK-5? The Roland videos (and man others I've found) are like those "how to draw an owl" videos - far from useful.

There are a handful of little plastic slips that came with the pickup, which I assume are spacers. Do I stick these to the pickup first and then use double-sided tape to install the pickup to my guitar? Does it matter? Am I overthinking this (probably)?

Thanks in advance


Divided pickup aspect of GK-5 Installation is same as GK-3

Search " mounting GK-3 "

Since I  own and use a lot of GK13 pin processors, and want controls on my instrument  the GK-3 feeding  GKC-AD Serial GK convertor interface makes more sense to drive the GM-800 for my needs


The piece of paper that comes in the box with the GK-5 ....called the "Owner's Manual" refers the owner to the URL of the Video Manual.....    https:/roland.cm/gk-5_qs

Typing that into a browser takes you to:

which then gives you three options for installation instructions for solid body guitars, hollow body guitars and also mounting of the bass version to a solid body bass.

Read slower!!!   ....I'm typing as fast as I can...


@gumbo - Yep, I did that, and even did some additional internet searching. But those videos pretty much say "this is how to install the pickup... (1) Install the pickup." I get that I need to use some shims to make sure the pickup is within 1 mm of the strings but there seems to be a lot of choice - do I need to use the sticky foam bits? If not, why have they included some? Does it matter if I stick the shims to the pickup first or should I stick them to the guitar? Should I care?

I'll have a bash at it later and figure it out. If it doesn't go on right first time I've got plenty of double sided tape.

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It is pretty strait forward I didn't have to even take off my strings. I have a Les Paul All access with a Floyd Rose on it and I already had a modified pickup ring for the FTP pickup.
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And review resources for mounting GK-3 here

Most still apply to mounting  GK-5