Boss Gp 10 Transposing Assigning on all Patches

Started by kpiyer, January 03, 2024, 12:23:37 AM

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May be a Dumb Question ..

Eg: I have 3 patches 1 Clean ,1 Acoustic & Distortion... Guitar Tuned on Standard I have assigned -2 Transpose settings for all individually... problem i facing is everytime i change the patch i have repress the button assigned for transpose

Now what i need is.. assigning transpose in common for all patches so when i transpose -3 on stage for 1 patch as per singer scale requirement all patches should automatically be on "transposed to -3" like keyboard players do... they don't keep pressing transpose whenever they change patches.. the full bank tones gets transposed when they select transpose may b -1, +3 etc.

I hope my question makes sense