Different reverbs switching

Started by Riptide, December 31, 2023, 05:03:14 AM

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Hey everyone,I'm looking to be able to switch between 2 different reverbs in pedal board mod,what in assigns will I be looking for to do this🤔


Reverb: Type

See page 40 of the parameters guide.

I'm doubtful if just switching the reverb type will get you a usable sound.  You probably have to change other parameters, like Time.


I'm using 2 katana amps stereo and might use the amps reverb for my hall reverb and gt for the shimmer effect that I'm trying to switch to on the gt unit,will work on it later and see what I come up with,have a New Year's Eve gig and all my gear is loaded up🤦�♂️

Matthias K.

You could use the Shimmer Reverb and assign Pitch 1 and 2 levels to a control switch (set assign to Toggle) or - as I like to do - to the expression pedalboard (set assign to Momentary) to seamlessly fade the shimmering in and out while keeping the usual reverb.

The same applies to Dual Reverb: add Reverb 2 by assigning level 0 and level [your preferred value] to a control switch or fade it in via expression pedal.

Happy New Year!