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Started by gboss1000br, December 30, 2023, 05:45:12 AM

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Hi all, quite new at this forum so would like to say hi to everyone!

I've just got a gt-1000, I'm quite a boss fan, had gt-10, 100 etc. Now on gt-1000 as I have a little one, I need to use headphones, I have no issue to setup gt-1000 with my amplifier, all good. However, on headphone I can't find anything to sound at least "reasonable", it sounds awful, and I can't find anything to improve it.

I have a DT-770 Pro - this one was highly recommended to use with effects but I can say I'm struggling to make it at least "ok"

Do you guys have any tip to share on how to setup it properly?

Thanks a lot for any tip as I'm kind of giving up. Lol

I heard while ago, that if I had a record interface and connect the gt-1000 to it etc, and use the headphones from the recording interface, the sound would improve a lot, but not so sure if it's true or not.

Thanks again :)


I have very bad experience with DT-770 Pro headphones, gets worse with higher impedance versions over 150 ohms using  Roland/Boss guitar processors Headphone Output

The GT-1000 works best with Headphones under 75 ohms - Audio Technica ATH-M40X
On GT-1000, Use Line Output mode, verify CAB sim is engaged

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group gboss1000br!  :)


Try the following settings ....

Virtually connect your phones out to the main out .... Menu / In/Out Settings / Phones -> Main Out

In the main speaker simulator (left Main Out Icon) set the Aird Output Select to Recording. This allows you, to select the speaker type within the speaker simulation (main out and as well the sub out) If you select Line output mode, you cannot select the speaker type.

In the main output settings (right Main Out Icon) set a low cut at about 100Hz and a hi cut at about 6.3kHz.


Hi guys, thanks for the tips! It's a DT770 Pro - 80ohms, so even close perhaps it can be the reason. Perhaps I can give it a try for the Audio Technica and see how it goes.

I had a similar config regarding  low cut at 80Hz and Hi about 4Khz, I've just change to 100/6.3 - indeed it's sounds a bit better, but far to be good, but I will try to insist in some settings to see how good it can be for a good lead drive.

The clean sound is ok, but when I put some overdrive for crunch or high-gain, the sounds is not so good.