The Black Cat Mistery/ fingerpicking, GP10 Modeling

Started by vmGuitar, December 29, 2023, 03:07:45 PM

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For GP-10 settings and recording details, please see the description on Youtube.


@gumtown , thank you for listening and for your "like".

Here are some recording details:

- Guitar: Charvel Desolation, (active) neck PU
Equally mixed with
- Boss GP10 Modeling: Acoustic Nylon 12 Str (EAD -12 GBE 0 + some "fine" per string detuning/ delay/ panning)

Through GP10 Effects chain:
- compressor (Mild), amp Modeling (Clean Twin), Speaker (Original), Mic (Dyn 57), NS, chorus (Stereo 1), delay (Reverse), reverb (Ambience)
Full GP10 settings on YouTube, in video description.

- Recorded to Redmi Note 9 Pro phone (camera application), via analog iRig 1 connected to Phone's noisy and cracking input, as documented in video clip.

- Audio mastering by Band Lab preset (Android online app, free)
- Video editing in You Cut (Android app, free)