BOSS GT 1000 Tap Tempo & Effect Rate Control

Started by Grasshopper, December 29, 2023, 01:37:30 PM

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Is tap tempo only available on Master Delay?

How do I set up different note and division in delays, such as dotted eighth notes?

Is the effect rate on effects like the Slicer and Rotary controllable by tap or pedal?



Not got a GT-1000, but in typical Boss fashion, the Delay (and some other effect) BPM rates are up beyond the delay maximum time if you keep rotating the knob.
Go into the Master patch settings and adjust the BPM to the tempo you want the patch to launch at,
Then in the Functions and Assigns page set a foot switch to "BPM TAP" to cover all tempo related timings, or you can select MST Delay or other Delay BPM TAP for just those effects.
In most other effects "Rate" can be turned right up past 100 to enter the time division settings for BPM TAP tempo control.
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