Van Halen -F patch

Started by 802.11Guitar, December 28, 2023, 09:34:21 AM

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I think it sounds pretty good for For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge songs


Hello again,

I have just re-recorded it, but this time the whole song, using the keyboards track from another Van Halen fan :)


Sounds great !!
Thanks for sharing  8)
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Thank you!


I've just noticed. I'm so sorry for the post title , and I apologise if it caused any problems.

English is a second language to me and swear words (like the one formed with the album title) is like they don't have a "real" meaning to me when they are no in my language, so I didn't even considered it could be wrong.

Sorry and thanks for editing it ;)


Understood! - thanks for your participation here at VGUITARFORUMS- we maintain an all ages knowledge base, so we edit/ delete adult language - as that can trigger local ISP to block our site in many regions .

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