Gr55 audio in from ipad

Started by Markhughes2000, December 27, 2023, 05:08:04 AM

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I am using Stagetrax on IPad with WIDI wireless for midi control messages. I wanted to use the GR55 as a stand alone monitor for practicing the songs with audio and midi control.
I can use the usb stick with wav files on but this won't  have midi patch control.

I am trying to playback iPad audio into USB input on GR55
Using Apple camera adapter. Audio works ok through same lead connection to a Bose tone match mixer but the GR55 connection does not seem to work.
I believe iPad sends both digital and analogue (to a headphone jack) audio via lightning connector so I assumed the GR55 would pick up at least one of these.

I don't think the GR55 supports iPad o/p
Anyone else had similar experiences.?

Brent Flash

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Quote from: Markhughes2000 on December 27, 2023, 05:08:04 AMI am trying to playback iPad audio into USB input on GR55
You are trying this with the USB connection on the back of the GR-55 and not the memory stick USB port on the side correct?


The GR-55 does not support 'class compliant' driverless usb, and requires a usb driver, which does not exist for iPad/ios.
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