Fixed Broken GK2A!

Started by pasha811, December 24, 2023, 08:18:06 AM

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Well, Last year I had some problems with the Normal Guitar input of my GK2A. After many tries and following suggestions from forum members I found that one of the solder joint was gone. I re-solder it and all was ok. In the meantime weeks before I ordered from my local Roland shop a pre-amp board replacement for GK2A. 50 Euros.
It remained there for almost a year until today when the GK2A Normal Guitar input damage was not repairable (to me). So I proceeded to exchange the amp board old for new.

The female jack case broke and provided no contact.
The Internal contacts are now exposed.

Do you have circuit view of JK1 it has three solder joints and I'd like to solder a female jack but with wires as I cannot find an identical one.

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Quote from: Elantric on December 24, 2023, 01:22:17 PM

Thanks Steve! 8)
The Lumberg Connectors has 4 legs while mine has three. I understand that this is a stereo with double switch while mine was (RIP) mono. That should allow the installation with 4 legs because one of the holes in the PCB is free (and always has been). So even without knowing the circuitry I can solder the 4 legs connector and it will work, right? On the Japanese Page the GK2A shown has 4 solder joints under the normal guitar 3.5mm input female jack socket. Is that because there are different versions of GK2A around right? Mine is the three solder joints one.

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Cut one of the front legs, they are both ground

Roland has employed different PCB Design revisions for GK-2A, some have Guitar Input 3.5mm TS jack with  4 pins,  others have 3 pins - its only mono Tip / Sleeve connection required.