Using an expression pedal as a wah

Started by OldPunk, December 19, 2023, 12:10:31 PM

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I used to have a Boss GT 100 and used it as a sort of wah pedal. Does anyone here attach an exp. pedal for this purpose w/ the Katana 100 MKII and how do you find the quality of wah wah sound and depth. I was always a little let down by the relatively weak wah effect in the GT 100. As i understand, the Katana uses a significant amount of that GT100 processor, yes?


Hurdle is switching Wah on/off requires yet another Control assignment

many carry a laptop/iPad to edit /debug Katana at live gig

Get a genuine Wah Pedal , in between Guitar out and Katana Input


Thank you, I forgot about 'switching; the Exp pedal on as well.

My goal is to have a strong 8 presets and use my GA FC EX for the switching. I use the Katana Librarian connected to a tablet for setting up my tones at home. I wouldn't need to have that running during a gig, would I?


No- just to debug

Katana without the Editor  is a bit like owning a Ferrari without a Steering wheel - and often patches that work for an outdoor gig are too wet for an indoor gig - inevitably the exact control I need to adjust mid song is only accessible from a Computer

8 patches is often not enough for each gig scenario


Understood. Thank you for your input, i appreciate it!