SY-1000 - Firmware 1.09 (Dec 23)

Started by kevorkian, December 14, 2023, 12:10:02 PM

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I did figure something out - just for fun I maxed out the GK sens to as high as it can go and it requires less pressure to actuate a note but is more sensitive to stuff like if you accidentally bang something against the guitar body - I'm sure there's a "happy medium".   The VG-99 has many more controls to allow for the type of playing you're doing but this at least is a start.

Then I figured I'd try guitar-to-midi - normally on the VG-99 GK set to 22 was perfect for that - for the SY-1000 I left it at 65 I was able to play the apple audio units acoustic piano and the Waldorf PPG 3.v fairly well but again the "needing too much picking pressure to actuate a note" problem exists.   I doubt Roland is aware of this - at all.  They've had people approaching them about tracking issues not amount of pressure needed to actuate a note.   So you basically have to play like John McLaughlin picking every note instead of legato.   EXCEPT with
SENS at 100 I can pick the first note and legato the next.  Especially on internal synth sounds.   

So, I guess on SY-1000 GK SENS doesn't have the same issue on guitar-to-midi that the VG-99 had.  But it has other issues but at least I can use the osc synth and dynamic synth a little better now. 

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My experience exactly. The guitar2midi on the VG99 is way better. I seem to remember the VG99 had three processors. Two for both chains and one for the rest. Maybe it is a matter of processing priorities...