Looking for a pedalboard power supply that will power 3 x VG-99 units & pedals

Started by luca9583, December 11, 2023, 03:34:51 PM

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Hi folks

Anybody know of a pedalboard power supply that could power 3 x Vg-99 units and 3 x Boss MD-500 pedals?


I think the short answer is no, I think my VG99 will run off a Strymon Ojai using a current doubler cable (so 2x500 MA sockets) but you would need more than one of those to power up that many + the others


I (I.M.O if it were me doing this) would use the 3 VG-99 power supplies and double up a MD-500 off each.
Saves on having a single point of failure if using one power supply to do it all, thinking from a live gig playing perspective,
 if one power supply fails, the show can still go on with the two remaining pairs of VG-99 + MD-500 units.
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