Greetings from Spain!

Started by lanchamotora, December 11, 2023, 11:48:58 AM

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Hi everyone!
I've been singing in a band for some time and this last month I've also been playing keyboard with a midi controller and my laptop. That's why I decided to try with the guitar, as I play guitar much better than I play keyboard, and also had bought an Ibanez RG1520GK with a Roland GK in it last summer.
I bought a Roland GI-20 from ebay last week, planing to use it with the same setup that I use with the keyboard, connected to the laptop and with some vst and softsynths in Cubase.
I have a post about an issue I have with the GI-20 power supply, I'll link it here
I've been reading quite a lot this forums recently, you guys are amazing. I hope to keep learning as much as I have with you guys!


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