Boss GX-100 Backup problem?????

Started by roachone, December 11, 2023, 10:00:37 AM

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Hi all. Just got the Boss GX100 that had a lot of someone's patches on it. Not exactly my style of presets but some of them were actually were pretty nice. I did a backup on them before resetting to factory settings. When I went back to try a few of them I noticed it saved them as an ALB File and I can't open them. Can't seem to find an app that will open them. Is this a problem with my computer or the GX100 or did I screw up? Any help appreciated.


The file extension looks like an acronym for "all backup", probably from Tone Studio, where it will be a complete restore over-write or nothing.
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Restore the backup. Save the Soundpatches you like to a lifeset in the Tone Studio Library. Make a factory reset again and load the soundpatches you like from the library to a user bank.


Thanks guys. With your help got it figured out. Really appreciate it.