Can I convert GT-100 patches to GX-100 patches?

Started by kgc, December 11, 2023, 07:00:52 AM

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I have purchased a GX-100 recently, it's my first guitar pedal and finding my way around it. I obtained a bunch of patches from a friend of mine who owns a GT-100. I was wondering if anybody had some recommendations as to how I could import GT-100 patches to the GX-100. Seems like the format is not the same and its not compatible off the bat.


Gt-100 patches are in no way compatible with the GX-100.
The internal structures are not even close to be able to use the data from one device type into another.
The closest operation is to load the GT-100 patches into a GT-100 editor, and try to visually match similar parameters one at a time manually.
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Magic Russ

There are just too many instances where Boss has dropped something from the GT-100 and replaced it with something else.

Boss used to have 5150 and SLDN amp models, among others, which are not in the GX-100.  You could try replacing these with the X-Modded or X-High amps on the GX-100, but it wouldn't be quite the same.

There are some effects which are implemented differently.  For example, the GT-100 has a Modulate effect under delay and reverb blocks.  On the GX-100 modulation is part of each type of reverb.   Or the GX-100 does not have a 2x2 Chorus but you can duplicate this with the Chorus in dual mode.

Then there are also some effects such as the Slicer, Feedbacker, Humanizer, Sitar Sim, and Wave Synth which exist in the GT-100 but not in the GX-100.


Thank you for the insight, really appreciate it. I will try loading the GT100 patch to the GT100FxFloorBoard and trying to program it into the GX-100/ I think that may be my best bet :)