M-Vave Receptor getting 2 BT signals at once

Started by gustavo_5, December 10, 2023, 05:28:12 PM

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Hey , do you know if M-Vave donge receptor plugged in my Roland GR-55 can get two BT signal at once? For example from my IPad(Using Band Helper to change the banks) and from the Chocolate Midi Controller (Other CC commands into GR-55)? I could not find a way yet...Tried also a Midi Y-cable but did not work...I appreciate any idea to use IPad and Chocolate in the same Midi In connection of GR-55..Thanks, Gus


Consult the CME WIDI product line


Thanks Elantric,

It seems to me they are different products form different companies..Mine is M-Vave.

But I could see that WIDI product that you shared might have this feature of multi BT signals at once..It's writen: "Bluetooth MIDI groups
Connect up to 5 Bluetooth MIDI devices per group via WIDI App or Group Auto-learn mode"

Or I can try to use one of their MIDI MERGE BOXES, like this one:


But I was wondering if somebody from this Forum experienced on the GR-55 with Band Helper and Chocolate already figured out how to connect both...

I will continue the searches...Thanks again Elantric.


I bought this CME WIDI product in Amazon..Arriving by 16th Dec..Will test it to see if accepts multi signal as it says...Let's see.
If not, then I will try the MIDI MERGE BOX...

Thanks again