GR-55 Patch Changes for all 100 User Patches

Started by carsonics, December 09, 2023, 05:35:09 PM

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Hi, I'm trying to send patch changes for all 100 User Patches from my laptop using Sonar Producer 8.5 to the GR-55 for live performances.  I can't get past 43-2 trying many different configurations.  I have read the manual and midi implementation chart but nothing seems to work.  I'm pretty experienced with midi, but this situation is confusing and I'm having no success and need patches in the upper numbers, but can't access them with patch change assignments beyond 43-2.  Help please.  Thanks


The GR-55 has 297 User patches arranged in banks of 3 patches in each of the 99 User Banks.

The midi numbering system works on 128 patches per Bank,
so User patch U42.2 = patch number 128,
so from there you need to step up to Bank 1 by use of Bank select midi data,
to select the GR-55 patch U42:3
B0 00 01
B0 20 00
C0 01
is sent.
B0 00 01 = Bank 1, the first 128 patches (up to U42:2) use Bank 0.

Bank 2 will be required to be selected for patches above U85:1
B0 00 02 = bank number
B0 20 00 = bank control change
C0 01    = patch number
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