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Started by sixeight, December 02, 2023, 08:32:52 AM

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Starting with firmware 3.12.0 it is possible to make custom USER devices on the VController, VC-touch and VC-mini.

Here is the information you can set for your device:
  • The name and short name.
  • The number of patches and the patch format.
  • The way patches are selected on your device (PC only, PC + CC#0, etc)
  • The names of the patches.
  • Up to 8 CC switch controllers with custom names either globally or per patch.
  • Up to 2 CC expression pedal controllers with custom names either globally or per patch. You can also send a CC toggle when selecting the other expression pedal.
  • Scene selection CC, with custom scene names either globally or per patch.
  • CC's for looper control.
  • Sysex detection using Midi Identity Requests. This will only work for certain MIDI devices. It should work for most Boss, Roland, Yamaha, Strymon, Zoom and older Line6 devices.

These settings can be exported in a .vud file. Please use this post to share your User device settings.
You have to zip the .vud file as the .vud extention is not allowed as an attachment.
Make sure you unzip downloaded files before loading them into VC-edit.


Here is the first USER device. The Line6 HX-stomp.