Started by Bluesbird, November 30, 2023, 08:26:48 AM

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Well, all demos are always very good... but this one I think  it has potential. Most of the world is made of musicians with small pockets that play in small venues. This pedal seems made for those.
Boss is leveraging its experience since COSM onwards and packing more in a smaller space with IR loader and a clever send return path, unique (I think) for a pedal of that kind.
Also useful for bedroom guitarists with needs to hook to a DAW without an audio card.
As I am getting older I remember 20 years and more ago when this technology was only a dream.
I had pedals, Multi-fx Boards, amps.. so much to carry around in dusty places with no plug hooked to ground (yes...  :o ) and beers and drunks..
So I appreciate this post! Thanks Bluesbird.

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NO midi... a big disappointment for me.
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Quote from: Jim Williams on December 01, 2023, 03:06:28 AMNO midi... a big disappointment for me.

I would not be surprised if midi through usb would work. There is an editor for the IR-2, and Boss has always used midi for communication with the editor.


Id A/B it with the slightly larger, more featured
  NUX AMP ACADEMY prior to purchase