GM800 using a six string bass

Started by Nobulusprime, November 27, 2023, 10:12:09 AM

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I used the GM800 for the first time on a gig on Saturday and on six string bass. I was pleasantly surprised with the results!

The tracking is very good using the GK3 B for bass pick up input setting. Of course the latency is a bit of limiting factor on the lower pitched notes and strings but it's not that noticeable until you get below A on the E-string.

I used the GM800 blended with the SY1000 in bass mode so that covered up for some of the latency but for chords (tenths) played up the neck it was great to have access to some really good pads, electric & acoustic pianos for live use.


Good to hear that! So you have a GK3B connected to the serial GK A/D converter to the GM 800? How is the SY 1000 connected to the chain?


Using CodeSmart's GX-2 gear shifter as per below - the GK-AD is underneath the GX2