I need advice on tracking improvements and gear for midi guitar 2

Started by threaders, November 26, 2023, 07:07:53 AM

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Im hoping someone can help. Ive been using midi guitar 2 for a a year now, but ive not had great results with tracking. Ive seen some videos of guitarists that play a lot faster than me and the tracking seems spot on. I love the sounds im getting so I really want to find out if there is anything I can do.
Im using a MacBook Air from 2017, a scarlet audio interface and vast synths that I bought separate and a D'Aquisto archtop.
Im thinking do I need to upgrade my laptop and audio interface? I really would appreciate any help. I also heard someone use the term prediction settings but can't see it anywhere. I have latency set to 64@44.1. Thanks so much :)


Hi managed to sort it out by following some info on the jam origin forum. From what I can remember I had to take the sustain down, adjust the velocity and semitones on the transposer, and adjust bends and legato. The latency seems to change when I change vst but it sounds fantastic now and tracking is near perfect. Some sounds are better than others but im going to stick with this now and stop looking at other alternatives. Hope this helps someone cheers :)