SY-1000 DAW integration

Started by Voltron, November 25, 2023, 10:55:07 AM

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Seasons Greetings,

I've been using the SY-1000 with Mainstage for 2 1/2 years, using the sy-1000 for instruments and tunings and having the SY-1000 change Mainstage patches.

My new approach allows:

* Instant patch changes (mostly)
* Reverb and Delay spillover
* Looper with red/green LED indicator and one-button operation on SY-1000 CTRL-2 or EXT2
* Double press for bank changes, so the whole top row is available for effects
* DAW will remember effect on/off state when switching patches, so it acts more like an A/B/C/D switch
* Switch patches 1-4 using GK1 or EXT1 *and* control CC1 with the same button
* "Negative" bank numbers (A-Z) where you can alias patches for songs with a long press
* Set LED light colors from DAW

The trick is to disable bank and patch changes on the SY's buttons and have them transmit midi CC instead.
Python script interprets the midi CC and send program changes to the DAW and sets the patch LEDs on the SY.
DAW sends program changes to the SY if needed.
DAW sends title changes to the SY since the SY will rarely be changing patches (to avoid dropout)
DAW sends midi CC to the Python script to control the button lights

I prefer to have the button lights indicate function when off (yellow for overdrive, blue for delay, etc) and be red when on.

For GK1 switch (or EXT-1) single press toggles CC 1, double press goes to patch A2, triple A3, long press A4. If you select the current patch, it returns to A1

Double, triple and long press functions can be tricky, because if you still want single press to be immediate, you often have to program it to "undo" the effects of the previous presses.  I only use the for "between songs" functions, such as bank change, tuner, etc.

It took about 2 months to develop.  I'm not a python expert so I used Chat-GPT to assist.

Here's the github link for the python script:

I can elaborate further if anyone is interested.  I think this could be implemented for iOS using AUM and a custom iOS plugin based on the python script.
VG-8ex, SY-1000


Looks good (I read through the script) ! I'll have to find time to dig into this.