BOSS GT-100 - EXP Pedal Set To WAH Only

Started by AlpineSupreme, November 24, 2023, 03:08:58 PM

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Hi guys,
I have 2 questions.

About 5yrs ago I sold my GT10. I had the expression pedal set up so that it only operated as wah.

There was no volume etc. So the pedal did not work until I pushed down and activated wah. I seem to remember I did this through Systems.

I have just bought a GT100. Can this be done on the GT100 as well? I have the manual but cannot seem to find where I can completely override and make the pedal wah only.

My second question relates to patches.

For gigs I generally set up a bank of 4 patches for the 1 song. Obviously that bank might be used for multiple songs


Patch 1 – Clean
Patch 2 – Overdrive rhythmn
Patch 3 – Same Overdrive patch but boost the volume, with a little delay. I use this for lead lines/licks etc where I need to cut through.
Patch 4 – solo patch.

On the GT10 I found it pretty easy to just go into Patch 2 and adjust it to add boost (volume) and a bit of delay. Then write that to Patch 3.

I cannot seem to be able to do this on the GT100? Is there a quick way to do it?

Thank you

Brent Flash

Welcome to the group AlpineSupreme!  :)


Under EXP you can set the parameter FUNC to WAH.

See page 31 of the parameter guide.


The write procedure is on page 30 of the owner's manual.


Quote from: Hammerhands on November 24, 2023, 04:39:12 PMUnder EXP you can set the parameter FUNC to WAH.

See page 31 of the parameter guide.

I have been through that. Unless I am doing something wrong, that does not get rid of the volume pedal. I dont want the volume pedal to activate at all. So it is dead. Except when I click the pedal down to activate wah. I could do this with the GT10, through systems. Make the pedal a stand alone for wah only. No matter what bank you were in.