Crazy, or easy: a *small* highly directional monitor for guitarist?

Started by mooncaine, November 24, 2023, 05:03:10 AM

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What do you like for a small, light, highly *directional* monitor? I'd like to be able to clamp it to a drum stand or pole, but if not, I need to steer it to point at my face. I'm imagining a bright flashlight beam, made of my guitar sound, that's practically spotlighting my face but not the singer and bassist on either side.

Is this crazy, or is it easy and I just didn't know it yet?

I got a hearing problem on stage: I hear everyone but me.

My usual gigging situation is a combo amp, mic'd, even though my sound is 100% modeled. The amp, guitar, a Roland VG-99 with its footpedal, and the cables for those. I have a simple outlet bar and only need 2 power outputs. It's easy to set up, and the usual gigging situation is that I'm in a pavillion or on a small bar stage, either subbing in a friend's band, playing a 3-song set in a show with up to 20 other players, or very occasionally gigging as a regular member of a cover band (the  pavillions).

I don't have the option of putting my amp up closer to my head. It's down at my knees, and I can't hear him. If I turn up enough to hear me, it annoys the other players. I tried angling it. Singers wince. Mic picks it up, too.

I could go direct into PAs, but the gigs I play don't always have a spare channel input for me. The usual response is a kind of 'huh?' that makes me feel like Rick from Rick and Morty. Anyway....

This is not a profit enterprise. I don't have a budget, but cheap is best.

What would you suggest?


At times I used a pair of old roland micro monitors MA-20 mounted on 2 microphone stands. Ear height, in my face (stereo of course)
They work great especially in the studio when live recording
(or on small stages where there's not room for in house monitors. I don't use any other speakers or amps , straight to PA )
I rarely play small stages though anymore due to my hyperacusis and tour schedules.

Something like that should work fine.
I still use mine in rehearsals off and on
works fine at low volume, not much bleed into other microphones etc.
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I use a Shure PSM 200 transMixer IEM and only stick one ear in. Never can't hear myself but sometimes if I am mixing myself in a small group or area the others can't hear me so I try to get a lot of feedback from them to check for that.




Headphones ?
Will help hear more of you and less of the band.

I once made a DIY "speaker > headphone" box with 5watt resistor bridge, and a low ohm potentiometer, you could plug in into your amp along with your regular speaker.
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I 2nd Elantric's suggestion of the FX150. I had one and there was more than enough volume to hear it in live settings. The other cool feature is you could get controlled feedback.