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Started by TheJLF65, November 23, 2023, 01:28:49 PM

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I recently replaced the bridge and tuners on my LP and found I needed to intonate the new bridge. I fired up my MG-30 and kicked on the tuner... and wound up pulling my hair out until I figured something out. You have two modes for the MG-30 tuner: chromatic, and compensated guitar. It comes up in compensated guitar because you generally want to tune your guitar to sound its best, and that's compensated. Buuuuuuuuut, there's a wee bit of an issue in compensated guitar mode - it only works for open strings. When you fret down the string to check the intonation, the MG-30 is NOT going to tell you anything useful.

Long story short, you need to put the MG-30 tuner in chromatic mode, intonate to the exact chromatic frequencies, THEN go back to compensated mode and tune the open strings. Sad to say, it took me almost an hour to figure this out.  :-[


Yes, in the Nux YouTube they said the dedicated one is good for chords to be more accurate.
I guess the correct way is you set the intonation with chromatic and then retune it with dedicated for guitar.
Thank you for sharing this.


I just wish they had more than just a single line that's very easy to overlook in the user manual. I didn't see anything about this on youtube because who the heck uses a Multi-FX box to intonate a guitar?  ;D

When the MG-30 didn't show valid readings for an octave up, I stuck a headstock tuner on it, which told me it was close, but off. So I went back to the MG-30... nothing. I went through the manual, but it took several readings to notice that tiny throw-away line about two modes for tuning. So, back into the MG-30, switch the tuning mode, and voila!

But issues like this are why forums like this are needed. My stupid goof-up means that maybe someone else avoids the same problem later.