Cakewalk CAL Script - Horn modulation CC generator

Started by admin_shawnb, November 19, 2023, 06:34:36 PM

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Attached is a CAL script you can run in Cakewalk.  (Cakewalk Application Language)

I fully realize that at this point, there are probably 3 CAL users on the planet...

But if you're a Cakewalk user, you should be aware this scripting language exists, is still supported, and can add a lot of value.

I've shared CAL scripts before - e.g., the sine wave generator ( - for all its power, there was no CAL sin() function...).

Here's another I've found helpful lately.

For each note selected, this script will wait a while, then increase the modulation value (any specified CC#).  Short notes, no modulation.  Long duration notes, the modulation waits a bit, then increases over time.

It helps make some voices, e.g., horns, more convincing in a VST within Cakewalk.

You will be prompted for:
 - The controller # (which you must tie to a controller in your VST)
 - A min value for the modulation value
 - A max value for the modulation value
 - A "smooth start" duration in ticks - how long to wait before modulation starts - notes shorter than this will have no modulation
 - Step duration - how long (in ticks) between mod event insertions (low values = LOTS of modwheel events, high values = FEW modwheel events), basically a thinning factor...
 - Increment amount - how much to increment/decrement by with each step

To use, you:
 - select which notes you want to have modulation applied to
 - run the script in Cakewalk
 - answer the prompts


Your CAL curmudgeon,


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(The melody in the above screenshot is Terje Rypdal's "The Return of Per Ulv"...)

Kevin M

Wow, forgot about CAL...a pretty powerful language.  I used it a bit quite some time ago, but I think a fair amount of what it could do was essentially replaced by the MIDI automation features in Sonar.