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Started by stingray05, November 16, 2023, 01:26:26 PM

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Hello everyone,

I've been reading here with great interest for some time.

I would like to use my GK3B basses (5 strings + standard pickup = 6 channels) with breakout box and/or breakout cable
in order to be able to process the signals of the individual strings for the VB 99 in my DAW.

These 6 signals would then have to be output to hardware outs of the audio interface in order to be fed back into the GK
input (second breakout cable) from the VB 99.

The VB 99 L/R audio outs would then have to be used again as input into the audio interface in order to be connected there
To be able to mix audio outs from synths etc. of the DAW.

Unless there is a mistake on my part when it comes to audio routing, I need at least 8 hardware inputs
+ 2 hardware OUTs on the audio interface...?

So much for the idea.

  • What type of inputs does an audio interface have to have if the breakout signal from the GK3B is directly there?
  • should be fed in, Mic / Line / HI-Z?
  • Which USB audio interface would you recommend to me?

I would be very happy to receive your tips/information!

greetings from Germany
Greetings from Germany - and please stay healthy in these difficult times!


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