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Started by KarlisA, November 15, 2023, 03:55:31 PM

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Hi, I am new to the SY-1000 and have a very, very basic question about tuning. I have been searching the web, U-tube, and now the VguitarForums for this topic but have gotten nothing. My question is: Does the SY-1000 require the guitar to be tuned EADGBE to utilize alt tunings. Can your guitar be physically tuned to something else (I use Open D a lot) and use alt tunings. I can't find any place that references the guitar's physical tuning in the parameter guide so I assume that you have to start with EADGBE. Am I right?



QuoteDoes the SY-1000 require the guitar to be tuned EADGBE to utilize alt tunings


There are individual tuned frequency band pass filters for each string , intended to improve tracking and ignore pitch from adjacent string vibrations.

If you tune your guitars natural strings pitch to drop  D tuning, you may encounter the edges of these band pass filters , which manifest as dead notes outside the allowable frequency range of each band pass filter.

There are separate band pass filter  frequency  ranges for SY-1000 Guitar Mode vs  the octave lower SY-1000 Bass Mode


In most cases you should be fine,
 the alternate tunings in the SY-1000 are based on semi-tone steps from where the guitar is tuned to.
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Thanks for the prompt replies. They help me to avoid tuning and tracking issues.