First two days with the unit! Please help!

Started by panixgr, November 15, 2023, 04:42:03 AM

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Quote from: panixgr on December 02, 2023, 11:50:38 AMThank , too much reading, a long way for, but its ok!!
I look at the back of my crate, no LINE IN.

Its on the front , far right - post  pic of your amp.
if yours lacks the Line In, get a TRS Insert cable. And use the Ring Return connection into the INSERT jack


Jc 120 line in, gives the best result, albeit not very nice.


Hello again,

It seems to me that all IR sims suck, except the default one. I am running stock firmware. Does any one else have this experience ?

Also, for those who remember the old COSM amp called : Ultra Metal, which IMHO is the best sound I ever got for heavy thrash / nu-metal / modern metal tones / Pantera-like , does the gx-100 have anything close ? I am struggling to get that tone. In my me-25 I can dial the perfect contemporary metal tone using the Ultra Metal in minutes.

Thank you.


There was a recent GX-100 firmware update a couple of weeks ago, might not help with your immediate issue, but the updates are highly recommended.
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Magic Russ

The firmware seems ok but there was also an update to the BTS which I would recommend skipping for now as it displays assigns incorrectly.


Yup quite some folks were affected by the new updates in not such a pleasant manner.
For the time being I am struggling to nail some pantera (1989-ish) tones and the closest is with metal core pedal. Still not quite there. I miss this natural bassy/treblie mid-scooped tone of the Ultra Metal amp.