Boss GX-100 MIDI Out to Amplitube 5, Possible?

Started by Vortac, November 14, 2023, 01:20:43 PM

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Hey all, a couple of question for all the Gurus here...

I'm currently using my Boss GX-100 as Audio interface between my guitar and my laptop (Amplitube 5).

The unit works fine as an interface: I can send my guitar signal to my laptop through it, modify my signal with Amplitube 5 and then send it back to my GX-100 and send it out to my monitors. All good there...

Now the questions:

1) The GX-100 has MIDI In/Out din connectors. Could I use it's footswitches to send signals and change patches Amplitube 5?

2) If, in fact, I am able to use my Boss GX-100 to send midi signals and change patches on Amplitube 5, can these MIDI signals be sent via the USB cable thats already in place connecting my GX-100 to my laptop, or do I need a separate DIN to USB cable/interface to connect to my laptop?

Im new to MIDI connections, so be gentle. lol.
Thanks in advance for the help.


You should be fine to use the Midi built into the GX-100 USB,
 just find in you Amplitube 5 midi device settings, a midi device labelled "GX-100".

The GX-100 EXP and CTL pedals should send midi cc# controller change data,
 and the patch/bank pedals should send pc# program change midi data.
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