GM-800 Integration..

Started by Unlimbo, November 12, 2023, 04:25:39 AM

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Mine arrived just 4 days ago. Have grown a beard since. I'm almost as excited as when I got my GR-1 30 years ago. I've got one LP guitar hooked up with a GK-5, I can live without the S1/S2 & vol on one guitar, super impressed. Also got a GK converter box so my Brian Moore and my GK-3 Parker can fly his crate of fireworks. Amazing. a bit of tweaking settings wise for each guitar, really nice feel and response. And the fretboard split - yes! I'm waiting on a GK splitter box so I can run it alongside the SY-1000. The quality of the sounds are much better than I had imagined. Some things I picked up on - check your intonation - after swapping between three guitars and making adjustments to improve tracking etc it came to light my Brian Moore needs setting up. I have to say I didn't notice much difference in the feel or tracking between the GK-5 and the GK-3 through the converter. Nice touch having the guitar out on the converter. Some more little utility boxes arriving soon then it's BOARD REBUILD!!

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Six string synths.


I bet there be some great tones from that lot in the picture,
 although it looks a bit scary without being mounted into a pedalboard.
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I'm waiting for a couple more boxes of tricks then I'm rebuilding the whole board, upgrade  8)
Six string synths.