Laney LFR 112

Started by Mark Haydon, November 11, 2023, 06:27:22 PM

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Mark Haydon

I use two cube 80 xl s in stereo and  I plug my GP 10 /HX Stomp into the the JC clean input after reading Elantric ' s review and couldn't be happier.

Any thoughts on the Laney LFR 112 ? Has any one used this product ? It's a little pricey and was wondering if it's worth abandoning my trusty cubes for this new piece of gear.


I've had one for a few years now.  Does the job well, well built and looks good.  Love the Laney handles on this cab size - much easier to carry than other cab handles.  Plenty of volume, and some nice configuration options.

I'd buy a second for stereo but they are a little pricey.  If you're happy with the cubes, why change?
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Mark Haydon

Thank you for your insights. Guess you are right, will stick to the cubes for now  :)