GT-1000 Patch Levels Same On Main and Sub

Started by jbsoundideas, November 10, 2023, 09:33:23 AM

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If you adjust the various patch levels for balancing, do these changes effect both the Main and Sub outs equally? Or only one of these pairs?

I run stereo from the Main L-R on stage and stereo from the Sub L-R to the house console.


The output levels of mainout and subout are depending on the patch level equally, but they are not the same. Only the level of the main out is controlled by the output level potentiometer.


If you adjust the level of a patch, that change in the output level will affect both the MAIN OUT and the SUB OUT levels equally.  That's not to say that the MAIN and SUB levels are the same because they each have independent output level controls, however the level of all of your patches relative to each other will be the same whether you're listening through the MAIN OUT or the SUB OUT.