SY 1000 with IR 200 in the FX Loop

Started by Jim Williams, November 09, 2023, 03:56:23 AM

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Jim Williams

Here is an example of the SY 1000 with the IR 200 in the FX loop. I use the IR 200 as an IR loader and I have loaded an Acoustic IR I got from 3 Sigma audio of a Martin D-28. I think the IR takes some of the "rubber band sound" from the modeled acoustics. I also have a sound from my GM 800 in the background for some ambiance. Unfortunately, I can't share the patch because of the paid IR but you can see how powerful the combination of the 3 devices can be. I have the SY and the GM into a small LZSIG mixer and into my PreSonus interface with no post processing from my DAW.
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