Question about string sensitivity issue

Started by luthierwnc, November 07, 2023, 05:21:06 PM

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Hi all,  I'm setting up my GP-10 and hit a snag with the individual string sensitivity.  At the default setting I get no motion on the VU gauge.  If I set it on 100, with all the controls dimed, it shows two bars.  The strings are about 3.5mm above the top of the sensors and the fingerboard radius was built specifically to match the pickup.

FWIW, the guitar is really loud when it wants to be but some of the preset patches have a wide swing in volume.

Thanks for any ideas, Skip


Pressing the D string down at the 24th fret I get 2.72mm between the bottom of the string and the pickup sensor.  I'll shim that up to 1mm shortly and report back.  Thanks for the tip.  Skip


I conveniently had some wide cocobolo binding that was perfect for the shim.  I'm now getting much stronger readings.  Since I seldom slam the strings (fingerstyle) I did need to turn the sensitivity up a touch from the default settings but I think I'm in business.

Thanks again for your interest, sh