GR55 USB for updates, etc

Started by whippinpost91850, November 06, 2023, 10:49:38 AM

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Hey Elantric & Gumtown , do you know if the USB jack, for doing backups and updates (GR55) has to be isolated from the case. I built my aluminum case and mounted it on the case, and just realized it's not working

Picture below;attach=32136;image


Not sure, the original mounting is in plastic, I would not expect the outer shell to have any specific preference to being grounded or not.

Keep in mind the onboard USB does not work while a USB cable is connected to the other USB and computer.
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I've just tested my unmodified USB Memory socket - the one that hinges out on the left of the unit.

The outer shield of the socket is zero ohms to the main casing.


Thanks, I don't know it always worked in the old case , but I haven't had to backup or update since I installed in the new case
I guess I'll have to pop it out of my board and take it loose from the cab and give it a try. Paul


Perhaps the socket was isolated from the case in order to avoid creating an earth loop.