Turn off CT1 Delay toggle

Started by ovesh, November 05, 2023, 08:36:14 AM

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I have a preset where I configured CT1 to toggle FX1 (which I have set to the Octave effect). For some reason it also toggles the Delay. Is there any way to get it to not do that? (I'd like the Delay turned on either way).


The ctl 1 is double assigned.
Turn off the delay assigned target.
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There are two areas in the GT-1 where effects can be controlled from,
1: The Assigns, which are good to use for precise control on parameters.
2: CTL/EXP Pedal Functions, where generic effect on/off functions can be set.

In the pedal functions, CTL 1 is most likely set to "Delay off/on", set it to either "off" or "LED on/off" if you want the footswitch led to toggle.
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