Katana Artist MK2 MIDI control - toggle through Red, Yellow, Green

Started by JakeCJ, November 02, 2023, 04:45:42 PM

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Does anyone know how to setup a midi foot controller to toggle or cycle through the Red - Yellow - Green of FX, MOD, BOOST, DELAY etc.?  Or better to directly activate (on/off) the Red - Yellow - Green of those?  I have a Morningstar MC6 Pro and I have it doing almost all I need except for this. Don't see any CC# for this in Manual or Boss Tone Studio. I hope it's possible.

TIA for any guidance!
- Obi Wan Jacoby


There's ridiculuosly few CCs for the amount of features which is why I gave up trying to adapt a Behringer FC1010 and went with the GA-FC-EX footswitch instead.

Don't hold your breath waiting for more CCs to arrive either.



I actually just 2 days ago received a new MIDX20 and I cannot seem to get it working. 

I have a Morningstar MC6 Pro that I want to use to control Boss Katana Artist Mk2(set on Midi Ch 7). I'm on a mac so can't use the PC software but I did the steps in the manual to change the Katana midi bridge to Midi Ch 7 using the small button and I've set the UPR usb mode to control In(green).

I've wired as follows: MC6 Pro USB Host(USB C) OUT -->  MIDX20 Upper USB A IN.  Midi 5 pin OUT of MIDX20 -->  Midi IN of Katana Artist MK2.  I've also tried MC6 Pro 5-pin Midi OUT to 5-pin Midi IN of MIDX20 but no activity registering that way either.

The USB led lights won't change from Yellow (I've tried several cables) and when I try to send a midi message there is no flashing of midi leds on the MIDX.

If someone can guide me to get this working I'd surely appreciate it!  Thanks!!
- Obi Wan Jacoby


Hi. I see your set up.
The Midx20 will only provide the bridge using the Katana's USB-B socket connected to th Midx LWR USB-C.
The Midi din on the Katana still only accepts limited midi control, although you can use a midi controller with a 5 pin midi cable and connect that to the Midx midi socket.
So, you need another USB-C to B cable   and connect the Midx LWR to the Kat, adjust the mode to controller and device. If your controller is compatable you should see midi msgs flash on the Midx box.
Now you should be set up to program which Kat patches and effects you want to assign to your controller.
Please also check the posts on the dedicated Midx20 sub forum.