GM-800 GK Out lack

Started by ILIADE, November 01, 2023, 10:30:00 AM

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Hi there -- anyone using the GM-800 with a SY-1000? I am planning to use both with their own expression pedal (as a volume pedals), with the SY-1000 connected to the GM-800 using the GKC-DA box. I was just wandering if the GM-800 GK Out will be affected by the expression pedal connected to it? I mean, I do not want the GK Out from the GM-800 to be affected by the volume.


Expression pedal in the gm-800 will only work for gm-800, same as expression pedals in the sy-1000 will only work for the sy-1000.
Having the gm-800 and sy-1000 linked together with the converter box, won't make the expression pedal from gm-800 mess with the sy-1000 or vice versa etc.


Great, exactly what I want :-) Thanks!