Catalyst 200.. too harsh

Started by Duke skellington, October 30, 2023, 05:16:46 AM

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Duke skellington

Hey everyone, I just scored a new 200 last week. I got it home a d started noodling around and was absolutely blown away by the 1st 3 amps. After that though, the crunch and Gainier amps got me really upset. They're insanely trebly and the treble and presence controls make little difference to the harsh rattly tone. To the point I've had to put my hx through the fx loop with heavy compression and a 10 band eq with really aggressive hi cuts to soften it. And lose some brightness and life from it. Lots of people say it's a dark amp, am I going insane? Standalone, the gain tones are frankly, hideous. There was some talk of breaking the speaker in.. im about 15 hours of playing time in, how long should it take? I'm starting to feel like ditching all my modelling gear and just getting a marshalnot my favourite but at least it's sonically palatable.


Standalone , only 50% of the Catalyst tones are Usable

My amp matches your experience

I end up using the rear Power Amp in mode , and use Catalyst as a powered Cab for my Kemper