Can the GP10 do this? If so it would be the best setup of any out there

Started by Witelite, October 26, 2023, 02:37:29 PM

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This one is for @BROCKSTAR , @Elantric  and anyone who can come up with a creative way to do this with the GP10.

I use GigPerformer and Roland Zenology along with Amp plug ins (like Mercurial Audio Ampbox). This with MIDI Guitar is in my opinion the most complete set up possible in the smallest footprint.

The video below is with the SY1000.

As you know the GP10 and The SY1000 has 8 USB outputs  (2 for stereo out and 1 for each of the 6 hexaphonic pickups). But unlike the GP10, the SY1000 can route some of the instruments to the left channel and some to the right.So I have the COSM acoustic sound coming out of USB 2 into gig performer and the normal guitar pickup coming out of USB 1. Gig Performer then does all the electric and acoustic sounds and reverbs.

MIDI Guitar is fed by USB 2 in the first part so that the strings are in the same alternate tuning as the guitar. In the second part, MIDI guitar is fed by the hexaphonic pickups so that the strings behind the electric guitar are in standard tuning.

This is a game changer and if the GP10 could do this, I could reduce the footprint further. The upside is that I could also use the SY1000 synth sounds in this set up if I wanted to. It is the ultimate in flexibility.

So my question to you with far more knowledge is can I split the 1-2 signal in the GP10 this way?




Review the GP-10 USB Audio Channel Pairs

a PC/Mac will see the Boss GP-10 as an  4 Stereo Input / 4 Stereo Output Core Audio/ASIO AUDIO  interface.

Each string on GP-10 has a separate I/O channel ( as 4 stereo pairs)

Study each possible USB MODE Audio Channel Re-Assignment above

Audio input/output device
Of the total audio input/output channels provided by the GP-10, there are 8 INs and 8 OUTs ( as 4 stereo pairs)

[Computer WAVE IN Devices]

(*1SI) IN (GP-10) (Stereo Audio Output from GP-10

(*2SI) GK 1-2 (GP-10) (to record raw signal from  high E+B String)

(*3SI) GK 3-4 (GP-10) (to record raw signal from  high G+D String)

(*4SI) GK 5-6 (GP-10)( to record raw signal from A+Low E String)

[Computer WAVE OUT Devices]

(*1SO) OUT (GP-10) ( for Re-Amping)

(*2SO) GK 1-2 (GP-10) (to drive COSM Modeling for high E+B String - for Re-Guitaring)

(*3SO) GK 3-4 (GP-10) (to drive COSM Modeling for  high G+D String- for Re-Guitaring)

(*4SO) GK 5-6 (GP-10) (to drive COSM Modeling for  A + Low E String- for Re-Guitaring)

MIDI input/output device
[MIDI OUT devices]

[MIDI IN devices]

When  DRY-GUITAR recording is selected . ( see diagram on lower left ) 

Audio Channels 1-2 are the GP-10 main stereo out, and Audio Channels 3-8 correspond with GK-3 Strings 1-6 (High E to Low E) direct one channel per string

( thats what I recall from memory! - but let me know what YOU experience)

Boss GP-10 - Owners Manual/ Parameter Guide/ Control Assigns / Signal Flow



Immensely helpful. I did not realize that the blocks (Like panning and chorus ) could be moved in the chain on the Tone Central App.

Works like a charm

This makes the GP-10 and Gig Performer a very potent and compact (live tool) for guitar players