1977 Sunset Sound Studio I (Room Mics Only) : Van Halen "Jamies Crying" . . .

Started by plexified, October 26, 2023, 02:58:39 AM

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We have our first upload of the Studio Recording of Van Halen in Sunset Sound in September 1977. They unpacked and set up while Engineer Don Landee was setting up mics very quickly as they planned to record the band as if it were a live show. They recorded almost 40 songs in one day and this is one of them from this session.

Vocals were done from an isolation booth to the side of the Control Room at the same time, however are not on this upload. If you listen close you can hear Eddies' phase 90 and his Echo-Plex.

The picture on the upload is from inside the control room looking out into Studio 1 with the band mid song.




Studio tapes are being leaked, my guess a boxed set is coming out soon and this is a teaser campaign.

Magically the Console recording appears and is combined with overdubs and more . . .