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Started by strudl, October 23, 2023, 10:14:40 AM

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Hi, I don't own a gm-800, I read the user's guide but I have a question on Midi architecture of the synth.

Let's say I build a scene with each tone using a mixture of strings on/off.
Then I record the performance on computer with the guitar to midi mono mode.
Each string recorded on separate channels.
Then I clean and edit the performance.

On playback will the GM-800 Midi In reproduce correctly the performance, reallocating each channel for each part. From my understanding I will switch each tone to receive Midi instead of GK, but then is each tone able to behave as a multi channel unit ?

The question is probably valid if someone is using an external midi controller like ftp. Is it possible to turn strings on/off on each tone if using Midi In ?


The GM-800 is poly on midi input - not mono. 

I.e., each part will honor one channel for all 6 strings.  Further, there is no OMNI selection for channel input.


Thanks for the reply.
So, not suited for this workflow.

Resynth is an option but on PC you cannot drive 2 audio interfaces (studio and Roland device). I tried Asio4all at one point with unstable results and higher latency.

For sure, I remember using this MIDI workflow with GM-70 and MT-32 (Canvas). I was hoping for a similar workflow.

Thanks again.


With these midi settings I can record six channel mono midi from the VG-99 and then play the midi back through the GM-800 with one string/channel for each part. There are only five parts and one is restricted to rhythm tones but this does work with some limitations.


If I understand well, this setting will playback 4 of the 6 strings(channels) recorded. That way you also have to set all 4 tones to same sound for playback and use another pass for the last two strings.

I cannot figure out a way of using this workflow to record and reproduce a midi performance where for example strings 5-6 are using tone 1 with bass sound and the 4 other strings would use a piano sound.

That's using 2 tones. The matrix becomes quite heavy if you use 4 tones and a mixture of strings on each one.

I guess I understand the limitations. Having external midi control is already a big step forward in the Gm-800. The internal architecture is really powerful, that's 6 instances of the same sound for each tone, one per string-channel. Meaning 4 tones uses 24 instances. This comes with limitation on reproducing all this from the MIDI IN.

Reproducing this in a Daw get me dizzy.


Dont forget the non intuitive GM-800 "Resynth" 8 CHANNEL USB AUDIO FEATURE.
Described in Parameter Guide (page 14)  and the README.htm file in the USB Driver defines USB Audio I/O

You record each string on a dedicated USB Audio track in your DAW

Rewind DAW

Set GM800 USB Audio to Resynth mode

Hit play on DAw , and the sepearate USB Audio string tracks act as a virtual GK Input to fathfully reproduce a live GK guitar input GM-800 Synth performance- without touching your guitar

Edit Audio tracks on DAW for creative possibilities


My issue with Resynth is that on PC you cannot aggregate audio interface natively.
So running the studio RME and the GM (in Resynth mode) at the same time never worked for me. Tried Asio4all but then got higher latency and also overall instability. Using only my sy-1000 in resynth mode worked. So I had to switch audio interface during sessions.

On Mac it seems a lot easier to achieve this. If Resynth has been a proven workflow using 2 different audio interfaces on Mac, would you mind sharing your favorite DAW to achieve this. I mainly use Ableton Live on pc.


its a home studio, so I can reconfigure  - I just swap out my Windows DAW Audio interface for the task at hand

I feed powered JBL near field studio monitors from the Outputs of the USB Audio interface currently in use (GT-1, GT-1000, SY-1000, GM-800, Helix, Headrush, RME UCX, MOOER PRIME P2) - all support 24bit 96k DAW track playback

Swap Three cables when GM-800 "Re-Synth is required ( USB, Left Main DAW Out, Right Main DAW OUT


I have to review the studio setup to be able to achieve this and get better at it.
You make it look easy. Worth trying again.
It would be good to track guitar when I am by myself but as soon as more audio inputs are required both audio interfaces would be required.

Reflecting on what I was expecting on the MIDI side to reproduce this workflow, maybe a poly mode on each tone generator with midi channels filtering allocating each strings to their proper tone generator and matching the original performance settings. I understand it's not part of the GM-800 at the moment.